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February 7, 2012

Beer It Forward Participant List

So I've gone through and selected the participants for our first ever Beer It Forward and I think this is going to be a blast. Apologies to those that I did not include, but as expected we were a bit heavy on the East Coast representation so I had to randomly select some people to trim it down. Originally I was going to only pick 8 people for this, but I'm going with 12 instead since I got a nice response.

If you need a review of the rules, check out my original post. Here are our participants:

(me) John Kleinchester - Jersey City, NJ
Stephen L. - Bellmawr, NJ
James S. - Portland, ME
Marek K. - Riverdale, NJ

Eric S. - Detroit, MI
Billy E. - Springfield, MO
Joe L. - Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati, OH

Robert D. - Charleston, SC
Win B. - Raleigh, NC
Brian M. - Ashburn, VA
Joel M. - Asheboro, NC
Johnny S. - Austin, TX

Mike B. - San Diego, CA

You'll all be receiving an email with an invite to a google document that will be used for tracking who's received a box. Email me at with your mailing addresses and let's get this train goin!


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