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February 23, 2012

Troegs Contest Update - Triple the Prizes!

I hope everyone has been taking photos of some awesome Troegs beer! We've already received quite a few submissions, but if you've been putting it off I just want to remind you that you only have another week to get your entries in. I also wanted to make an exciting announcement and clarify a few things.

So as you have seen, this contest will be in the hands of the Facebook fans of Troegs as the winner will be determined by the most Likes received. However, I have decided to donate TWO more prizes for TWO additional winners bringing the grand total to three. Here's how it's going to work:

People's Choice - This is what we already outlined, Troegs will choose their ten favorite photos and the one with the most likes wins the Nugget Nectar Prize Pack.

Brewer's Choice - Troegs will select their favorite photo and I will send the winner a Troegs glass, magnet and keychain.

Best in Beertography - I will pick my favorite submission and send them a Troegs t-shirt.

Ok, now to clarify a few lingering questions:
  • You must email your submissions to to be considered. 
  • You can enter as many photos as you'd like.
  • The photo needs to feature Troegs in some way in order to be considered. In the original post I said it needed to feature Troegs Brewery which may have been confusing. We accept any entries involving Troegs beer, the brewery, logo, etc. 
Got it? Now there are three ways to win, so go get your camera now and get to taking some Troegs Beertography! Go on, get!


  1. Do you accept polaroids? Just got a killer Polaroid 300.

  2. Hey there. I suppose if you scanned the polaroid and emailed the photo to me, that would work!

  3. I'm pretty sure there's an app for that. ;-)

    Great contest! Going to be in Harrisburg Monday and I am making a beeline for Troegs!

  4. Nice Daryl! I was there on Tuesday and it was a blast.

  5. I just submitted my entries. How long before they appear here in the gallery?

  6. Hey Dan, I got your entries. Troegs is going to pick their top ten favorite photos and then post them to their Facebook page.