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February 6, 2012

Manhattan's Newest Beer Bar - New York Beer Company

The name may at first give you the impression that a new brewery has sprung up in midtown Manhattan, but in reality what you have is the city's newest beer bar.

The Beer Stock Market ticker waits to be activated.

Located at 321 W. 44th St., the bar promises to have a good percentage of their 40 taps flowing with local breweries' suds (while still placating the BudMillerCoors crowd), but with an interesting twist. Beer prices will be based on demand. This could create an interesting situation where perhaps a pint of Bud Light could potentially be more expensive than a local craft brew. It'll all depend on the clientele. The centerpiece of the bar as you can see above is a homage to the NY Stock Exchange, complete with working ticker. There is where you will find your beer prices as they constantly fluctuate, much like the real thing down on Wall Street. They're shooting for a late February or Early March open and promise a full American dinner menu complete with a pizza oven for an authentic New York slice.

I've worked in Times Square for almost seven years now and watched Manhattan's bar scene evolve toward a craft beer focus. Yet somehow, Times Square and neighboring Hell's Kitchen have remained somewhat overlooked. Although there have been some minor additions to the Midtown craft beer scene, New York Beer Company hopes to become the destination spot.

Check out NYBC's Facebook Page and Twitter account for more updates.

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