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February 13, 2012

Dogfish Head Night at Barcade Jersey City

This past Thursday night, the Jersey City incarnation of Barcade hosted Dogfish Head Night with craft beer rockstar Sam Calagione in attendance. As you can imagine, this event was packed to the gills with beer aficionados of all varieties hoping to be able to share a toast with the man behind the fish.

Barcade brought out some fine Dogfish beers from their stash for this event including 2009 Fort, 2009 Burton Baton and 2009 Theobroma. Not to mention the always crowd-pleasing 120 Minute IPA and the brand-new limited offering Noble Rot, a near fifty-fifty mix of beer & wine and my favorite of the night. Unfortunately for some who came later in the night, kegs were kicking as early as 7:30pm including the Noble Rot and 120. People drink good beer quickly? Shocker.

The New Jersey Craft Beer crew get a photo with the maven himself. (L to R: Brian, Os, some dude named Sam, Marek, Heather, Dan, myself)

Sam made a brief but impassioned speech about raising our glasses to all of the craft brewers out there that have made nights like that possible. He's really quite the wordsmith and you can see why he's attained the rock star status that he has. Plus, the beers are pretty fine.