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August 27, 2012

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August 3, 2012

Brooklyn Brewery Fiat Lux

the last sip
This past Monday, the Brooklyn Brewery invited a lucky few to the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn to try the newest in their Brewmaster's Reserve Series. Fiat Lux or "Let There Be Light" is a 6.1% Belgian Wit made with lime peel and Indian coriander. As we had our first few sips on the hotel's rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline, we all agreed that it was the welcomed antithesis to what we've seen in the craft beer world lately; where pumpkin beers are hitting store shelves in mid-July.

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver spoke of wanting to create a beer that would be perfect for the right now of early July but would still be enjoyable come the cooler nights of September and October. At one point, Garrett compared this beer to a Binaca blast. While not the best sell for a beer, what he meant was that unlike some other beers, the finish of Fiat Lux left a refreshing sensation on the palate. Garrett then paused and added that it really isn't about the first taste. Once a customer orders a beer, they've made their decision. The brewery has made its sale. What it's really about is the last sip, as that is when the consumer decides whether or not to have another one. In the case of Fiat Lux, I was sold. More please!

Fiat Lux is a draught-only release. For more info, check out Brooklyn Brewery's website. Then watch this awesome video by Transient Pictures: