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August 4, 2009

Rattle'n'Hum Mug Club

Or as they also call it, the "Month of Madness". Well, this should be interesting. In order to become a member of Rattle'n'Hum's Mug Club, one must have 40 different styles of beer over the course of ONE month. So that means that that sheet shown in the photograph above must be full come 9/3. That seems to be a pretty tall order. The pros are that it's relatively close to work and it's delicious beer. The cons are that I have to keep going back and spending tons of money that I shouldn't be spending.

But what's the benefit of the Mug Club that would entice one to take such a sudsy adventure? Well, first of all, you get your own MUG! And you get $1 off all beers for a year. So that's pretty decent. But my real motivation is that Patrick, the friendly owner of the bar, tends to get his hands on some pretty rare stuff. Stuff that's often not even available for distribution in NY. He recently let me purchase an entire growler of a certain Elder beer from California that I've only been able to trade or travel for. So, so good. Anyways, Patrick told me that whenever he gets something very hard to come by, he'll notify the Mug Club to assemble and partake in whatever brewing goodness he's found. I can drink 40 beers for that. I hope.

Hopefully come September 3rd I can post a similar picture as above but with everything filled in. Wish me luck. I'll need it.

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