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August 24, 2009

Before Your Beer Awakening

Not many of us are lucky enough to be born into the world of craft beer. Most of us start off with the cheapest stuff we can get our hands on. I think my first taste of beer was a Coors Light that my Dad let me try. That's basically most people's first experience. Then you get someone to buy beer for you while you're in high school which usually ends up being Bud Light or the like. Then it's off to college, where you're dirt poor and start reaching for the REAL bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. Milwaukee's Best (Beast), etc. What was YOUR beer of choice in college? Ours at Ithaca College happened to be Piels. You may never have even heard of it, but at $5.39 for a TWELVE pack, it was the best tasting and cheapest decision. Only in recent years have I learned that they actually had a bit of an interesting history until they were sold off to Pabst, which is now owned by MillerCoors.

So, what was your go-to brew before you were "in the know"?


  1. I could have sworn when we first starting buy it it was at 4.59 per twelve pack and by the end of senior year MASSIVE inflation/price gouging must have bumped it up to 4.99. No?

  2. Oohhh I think you may be right. It was under $5 to start! $4.39 maybe even!