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August 11, 2009

Brooklyn Wild One

Sour ales and bourbon barrel-aged beers have been my two favorite styles as of late. That's why when I learned about Brooklyn Wild 1, I nearly fainted. There doesn't seem to be much info about this beer on the internet, and all I've been able to gather is from BeerAdvocate, where users were saying that they took Brooklyn Local 1 and aged it in bourbon barrels with brettanomyces (sour yeast strain). The other tidbit that was bouncing around was that this was somehow only available outside of the US (possibly in Belgium?) which is odd considering it's the Brooklyn Brewery.

I made some tasting notes while sipping it last night and threw together a review this morning. Here it is, from BeerAdvocate:
I was lucky enough to try this the night after the Brett Fest at Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg. I don't know much about the story behind this brew, but I would love to know more. All I had heard is that it is Local 1, bottle aged with Brett, and not available in the US.

The nose is strikingly different to that of Local 1, pretty much a whole new beer in comparison. The bourbon is immediately present, but not overwhelming. You can practically smell the barrel...sour bourbon heaven. The backbone of Local 1 comes through upon your first sip in the mouthfeel, but quickly makes way for the sour notes of the brett and woody bourbon. High drinkability as none of the flavors overwhelm your palete.

Full disclosure: My two favorite styles right now are sour ales and bourbon-barrel aged stouts, so this was basically the ultimate beer for me. As the other reviewer mentioned, Garrett Oliver needs to make this available in the states, as I'd be purchasing it regularly.
This absolutely needs to be made readily available in the US. It's excellent.

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