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March 12, 2010

Beer in My Inbox

A few weeks ago, right in the midst of my move from Brooklyn to Jersey City, I participated in another "Beer It Forward" with some fellow beer enthusiasts. The best part about the BIF in comparison with a straight trade is the surprise. You send beer off to someone, but they're not the one who sends beer to you. And in most cases, you don't know who you're receiving from OR what you'll get until the day the box arrives. For reference, here's a post regarding the last one I participated in.

As you can see above, the box I got was pretty awesome. I've never had the La Folie before, which I've been hearing about forever. Then you've got two excellent Russian River brews that you can't get here in NY/NJ. THEN there's the beers from Deschutes (which I'll be visiting in Oregon next month) capped off with Port, Ska and Oskar Blues beers. It was a great package.

I've already had the Ten FIDY, Gordon, Hop Hendge and Red Chair, but have been holding out on everything else. At LEAST one of those bottles is disappearing this weekend.



  1. love the Beer It Forward idea! From one brewlover to another: May I suggest stopping at Hopworks Brewery if you are venturing to Portland? We jsut took a beercation to Oregon from the Bay Area and their Secession IPA was the highlight of our trip. Plus, they don't distribute outside of Oregon right now, so you can't find it elsewhere.

  2. Very Cool. I'd love to participate it something like that. I'm going to check out the link you posted in your write up.

  3. thanks for the suggestion mindy. i'll look into it. Peter: that's just a link to my previous BIF haul...maybe #BrewYork should look into finding a sister group in the midwest or west coast to do a BIF with?