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March 26, 2010

Beer Bars Are Good: Barcade and Matt Torrey's

Matt Torrey's - a new beer bar on Bushwick Ave. in East Williamsburg. Quite a few rotating craft taps, including Brooklyn Brewery Dark Matter when I was there this past Thursday.

The bar that has emerged as my most frequented is Barcade. They have almost weekly (excellent) events and its a great space. PLUS, arcade games! Above is from the aftermath of the Sierra Nevada event, L to R the Fritz & Ken 30th Anniversary Stout, Crystal Wheat and the 2004 Bigfoot.

Another of the Fritz & Ken.

Not only do they have great beer, but they have clever advertising as well.

Rumor has it on the interwebs that Barcade has been looking into expanding into Jersey City. This is excellent news for me since I just moved there. All I've heard so far is that its going to be a bigger space. Does anyone have any further info?


  1. That would be great if they went to JC. be much easier for me to imbibe too.

  2. Agreed. I have yet to find the go-to beer bar in JC. I have a feeling Barcade would swoop in and take that title pretty quickly.

  3. I'm checking out Zeppelin Hall, the beer garden near the Grove St. stop on the Path in JC this weekend. Not a ton of microbrews but they have 40 beers on tap.

  4. Nice, I was actually there this past weekend. What it lacks for in microbrew it makes up for in space and food.

  5. The Barcade in JC is going to be on the corner of Newark & Barrow St. under the Brick Haus gym. Can't wait!!

  6. What! Really? that's awesome. how do you know?

  7. Dear Anonymous Commenter,

    Your tip seems to be correct!

    Great news.