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March 16, 2010

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. Normally I'm supposed to show up for my job at 9:30am. Since I knew that it was going to be Founder's release date for their very limited brew Kentucky Breakfast Stout, work was going to have to wait.

A few weeks before I had contacted a couple of local liquor stores known to carry good craft beer. Two out of the five or so that I contacted claimed they would be receiving at least 1 case oft-sought-after KBS. In fact, the store that's a mere 2 blocks away from my apartment in JC excitedly told me that they'd be getting 2 cases and there would be no bottle limit.

Cut to Monday morning. I show up to my local place as they open at 10am and they don't have any. They had received a shipment of just 1 case, but it somehow was nowhere to be found in the store. They did have the Nemesis however, so I bought my consolation beer and brought it home. I also left my name and number in case they stumbled upon any more KBS, as they said they still had some logged in their computer system. I suddenly realized that Super Buy Rite near the Holland Tunnel had said that they'd have it first thing Monday. Its about a mile walk from my place, but I called and they had it so I was off.

I met the beer manager, Joe, who was a great guy. We excitedly discussed KBS and how his store was already quite possibly the best beer store in NJ. I bought my 2 12oz bottles (the limit there) and was on my way to work. Later in the day, I got a call from my local place and they had one 4 pack with my name on it waiting for me once I got out of work. When I got there to collect my "winnings", I found out that at least some of their KBS was sold via their online system, which I didn't even know existed. I'm willing to be the rest was set aside to let the employees have and I just got lucky that one was left to buy afterwards.

All in all, 6 bottles of Kentucky Breakfast, 4 bottles of Nemesis = good day.


  1. Just picked up a 4 pack of KBS & Nemisis today.
    Between my friend and i we have aquired over a case of KBS and were on a couple waiting lists for Nemisis. Can't wait to try the Nemisis!!

  2. A case! Wow, that's nuts. Maggie, did you hear that NYC will be getting Founders next week? Supposedly it'll be pouring at Rattle'n'Hum for sure. Maybe they're getting some KBS on tap! That'd be insane.

  3. KBS is delicious! I got 4 bottles at the Boonton liqour outlet on 2 seperate trips. They also had Nemisis which I had to grab. Its going to be hard not to drink all of these.

  4. Wow, nice score! Most people here in Michigan couldn't even buy a full 4 pack of Nemesis!

  5. thanks! I actually could have gotten more Nemesis but I was so disappointed that the KBS wasn't there that I only picked up a 4 pack. That, and its pretty expensive! Heh.

  6. @beertographer Have you been to The Wine and Beverage Depot in Totowa? Awesome selection, they may have more than Boonton. Only problem is they are a little pricey on some items. They wanted 20 something dollars for a 4 pack of KBS.

  7. I haven't, thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to plan a trip there.

  8. Boonton liquor outlet limited me to only 3 bottles, but they were the cheapest @4.95 a bottle.
    Wine & Beverage Depot was 25.99 for a 4 pack.
    Linwood liquors in Fort Lee was 32.00 a 4 pack.
    W&BD still has cases of nugget nectar if your interested.