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March 15, 2010

Rattle'n'Hum Mug Club Mug

Back in Sept '09, I completed the challenge "40 Beers in 30 Days" in order to become a part of the illustrious Mug Club at the still-new, always-good craft beer bar Rattle'n'Hum. Since then, I've enjoyed Mug Club discounts every time I go in. One thing missing though? MY MUG!

First I had to wait because they place mug orders in large groups to cut down on shipping cost, then I had to wait because my mug was the only one to come back messed up. Well, this past week I was finally introduced to the finely constructed glass that will call my poured beer home (albeit very temporarily...its easy to drink beer quickly at RNH).

A bit self-indulgent as a blog post, yes. But it was a fun thing to do that pushed me to try much more beer that I might not have normally tried. So go get drinkin' and get yourself a mug!

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