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July 6, 2009

Woodman's Food Market, Madison, WI

Wow. Just wow. This place is packed to the gills with craft beer. Not to mention TONS of other stuff as well. We stopped here on our return trip from the midwest (which I'll be posting a detailed entry on later) after doing some research on New Glarus and craft beer in Wisconsin. This was one of the highest rated beer stores in the state, and we just so happened to be traveling through Madison, so we made a brief stop. It's slightly reminiscent of my photo of Boonton Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars but I have to give it to Woodman's as the best beer store I've ever been in.

The picture above doesn't truly do it justice as far as selection goes. Hundreds of six packs, single bottles and cases. It would have been far too easy to spend hours pining over every single bottle, but we had a goal of getting all the way to Founder's in Grand Rapids, MI that night, so we had to be quick. We picked up as much New Glarus as we could handle and hit the road.

If I'm ever in Wisconsin again, I will absolutely be stopping there.

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