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July 8, 2009

Midwest Trip Part 1: Three Floyds

On June 24th, my friend Jeff, his girlfriend Cinzia, my girlfriend Tash and I set out on a road trip to Minnesota for our friends Ian & Catherine's wedding. It would be a 6 day long trip and give us a great excuse to drag the girls to a couple different breweries.

Our first beer-related pit stop was at Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana. A great brewery (an A- average on BeerAdvocate) whose beers are nearly impossible to get your hands on in the NY/NJ area. We arrived about 15 minutes before they opened at 11am (CST, which made things difficult for us EST'ers). It's a bit of a strange location, tucked away in an industrial park surrounded by nearly faceless warehouses and the like. We were surprised that there were about 5 other people outside of our group of 4 that were waiting to get in too. On a Thursday afternoon! It was milliseconds between when we first opened the door and when the vibrant aroma of grains permeated our nostrils. This place was going to be awesome.

What a cool hangout space this is. Tons of interesting stuff to look at PLUS wonderful beer. One nice little touch we noticed is that they keep other breweries' beers on tap as well. Very cool. As you'll see above, there's one section of seating that has a window so you can look directly into the brewery and see the masters at work.

The only downside to this stop was that we couldn't take too long, as we had planned on stopping for a bit in Chicago and also making it all the way to our destination in Minnesota by the end of the night. This was also all being done on no sleep at all, so that made it a little more difficult. While there, I had the Sand Pebbles American Brown Ale, the Dreadnaught IPA and the Gumballhead American Pale Wheat Ale. Jeff had the Blunderbuss and the Alpha King APA.

We were very tempted by the wonderful smelling food being served nearby, but alas, we hadn't the time and had to get back on the road. We bought 3 bottles to go, though: Blackheart English Style IPA, Apocolypse Cow IPA and Popskull Old Braun Ale (a collaboration with Dogfish Head), all bombers.

Midwest Trip Part 2 coming soon!

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