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July 2, 2009

Polish Beer in a Polish Neighborhood

If you live in Greenpoint like I do, it's hard to escape the massive amounts of Polish beer that's sold and consumed in the area. The three major ones you'll find are Tyskie, ┼╗ywiec and Okocim. Tyskie is owned by SABMiller, ┼╗ywiec is owned by Heineken and Okocim is owned by Carlsberg. So right away I'd be reaching for Okocim over the other two. But a quick perusal of BeerAdvocate lead me to realize that none of these are highly regarded. Yet one stood out to me. Okocim Palone. It claims right on the bottle that it's "fire-brewed dark beer". And it has a freakin phoenix on it!!

BA is down right now so I can't link to the reviews and info that I wanted to, but just know that this was not TOO bad. Not too great either. But if you find yourself stuck in Little Poland (Greenpoint) or Poland ITSELF, go with Okocim Palone. It has a little taste to it, unlike the rest of the Pale Euro Lagers that they make.

Disclaimer: I'm half Polish.

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