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June 30, 2010

Duane Reade Has Craft Beer (signs)!

I was walking by the Duane Reade in Times Square yesterday and noticed a new sign in their window. Of course the word BEER always attracts me so I had to check it out. Hmm: "seasonal, craft, local, import and domestic beer available here". Well that's interesting. I've been inside this particular DR a bunch of times and have never noticed an ample stock of craft beers. I went inside to check it out and (I guess unsurprisingly) nothing had changed at all. The fridges were stocked with nothing but macros and their cousins. I searched more and finally found a small section of room temp beer...

LOOK AT THAT SELECTION! Brooklyn Lager & EIPA, Blue Point Toasted Lager, Sam Adams Light and Saranac Pale Ale. The sign claims local and craft and that is (weakly) accurate. But I don't believe any of these are seasonal. I was briefly excited by the sign, thinking that maybe they were going to be bringing in more craft beers, but so far it seems nothing has changed. At LEAST they have those, I guess.

While I'm talking about Duane Reade, there's another location I pass on my walk up Broadway from the 33rd St. Path Train that has a small stand of Brooklyn Locals 1 and 2, Smuttynose and Lagunitas IPA bombers and a few others in the window. Wait, what was that? The beers are right in the front window. After about 1 or 2pm the sun shines directly in. I almost want to buy one to see just how ridiculously skunked they must be.

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