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June 1, 2010

PNW Trip Part IV: Eugene, OR

From Russian River in Santa Rosa, CA we continued on our way up the Pacific Coast Highway and crashed for the night at a hotel in Crescent City. In the morning we ventured on into Oregon where we had no planned brewery stop, but we were good and hungry as we cruised by Eugene. Again I used my Find Craft Beer iPhone app to discover that there was a Rogue Public House right nearby. We quickly found parking and discovered that this incarnation of Rogue was known as the "Eugene City Brewery".

Interesting how Rogue has all of these other breweries under their umbrella. I'm still not 100% sure how this works, but it seems as if Rogue took an interest in a bunch of smaller breweries and incorporated them into their "Public Houses" which serve both Rogue brews along with, in this case, Eugene City brews. Can anyone verify that that's how this works?

Anyways, it was between lunch and dinner so the place was practically empty, but that didn't stop us from ordering some delicious blue cheese sliders and a few beers.

I immediately went for the Rogue John John, a very interesting barrel-aged Maibock.

Beertographer enjoying his John John. Next up in Part V... the craft beer mecca known as Portland, OR.

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