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June 18, 2010

Visiting Bell's Eccentric Cafe (again) - Kalamazoo, MI

When my homebrewing buddies and I decided to make the trek all the way to Munster, IN for Dark Lord Day 2010, we also decided that we would HAVE to hit up Bell's Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, MI as well. We had been there once before in June of 2009, but this time it was undergoing some pretty intense construction in order to expand into its gigantic backyard.

We had made it with just about 30 minutes to spare before the store portion closed. Needless to say we quickly scooped up some Oberon, Third Coast Old Ale and Expedition Stout. Above is a photo of Jeff exploring the depths of the cold storage. Bell's doesn't distribute in NYC so this was sort of like being in a beer wonderland.

We had some of the good paninis that Bell's Cafe makes and sat in the backyard sipping a few of their beers on tap. The only downside to the whole experience was that we were forced to pay a cover for whatever band was playing that night, despite not even listening to them. But whatever man, it's BELL'S!

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