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June 17, 2010

PNW Part VI: Seattle, WA

Our final stop was the wonderful city of Seattle. We had no clue that Seattle was as hilly of a city as it is. Having never been before, we had to do all the touristy things. Luckily our good friends Corey and Jackie housed us and drove us around to practically everything you'd possibly want to see there. In order to not piss off our gracious hosts, I tried not to steer us toward beer THAT much despite being surrounded by some great places. Once we hit the top of the space needle, I was surprised to see they actually offered some craft beer at their bar (more like stand). The beer I had was a Scuttlebutt Amber Ale, which doesn't seem to be well-reviewed. I remembered enjoying it quite a bit but I supposed you could chalk that up to the overall enjoyment of the environment.

As we traveled around Seattle, we decided to stop at a well-reviewed little coffee shop called Fuel in the Wallingford neighborhood. In my beeresearch before getting to Seattle I remember reading on BeerAdvocate that the top rated place in all of town is a place called Bottleworks. When we sat down to drink our coffee, I was quite surprised to look up and see that Bottleworks was directly across the street. It was as if my brain is a craft beer magnet. Or something.

So of course, we went in. As you can see above they have 5 fresh craft selections on tap. I had the Fremont Brewing UniversAle Pale (only $4!) and it was pretty decent. Yet again I was faced with a Russian River draft and forced to pick something else that I'd never had before. They also had a MASSIVE bottle selection. Among the best I've ever seen. I had to buy something to send home, so I picked up a '09 Lost Abbey Angel's Share and a '02 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. We also had dinner at the Tap House Grill which has 160 beers on tap. Granted a ton of them are BMC owned, but they did have a few fo'real craft selections. Something was just a bit off about this place.

We've come to the end of our 6 part journey. But above you'll see the beers I collected for shipment back to the East Coast. 12 bottles, 1 can. I ended up getting WAY too big of a box (24"x24"x24") and had to use 3 full newspapers to pack it tightly. And it wasn't cheap. Thankfully they all showed up safe and sound the following week. I've only had a few of them so far.

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