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July 7, 2010

Duane Reade: Craft Beer in the Window

Just a quick addendum to my previous post. I had previously mentioned that there was a Duane Reade on Broadway around 35th St. that had a small selection of craft beer, but they were displaying it in the window of the store. The photo above is from the morning, but after the sun comes around in the afternoon, all of those beers are in direct sunlight. At least they have the sign part blocking some of the beers toward the back of the shelf, but its still pretty bad. I've been debating whether to buy one of the beers to see how terrible it is OR to ask the manager there why they put them in the window.

What do you think?


  1. is it the store or the distributor?
    If I was a brewer Id be a lil miffed.
    just my $.02

  2. They put the display in the window for marketing reasons. They obviously don't know the evil sunlight can unleash on these babies. I'd let the manager know.

  3. yeah i'm guessing its the store, but I want to find out for sure. I'll keep everyone posted on my findings.

  4. I wish NJ would get privy to selling beer in food stores, walmart, gas stations, etc....

  5. agreed. don't know why its so antiquated. come on NJ!