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January 13, 2010

BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin (has arrived!)

Back on 12/21/09, I had just finished up my online Christmas shopping and I had nearly broken my bank account. But while I was doing some browsing on BeerAdvocate, I came upon a thread that said that BrewDog was now selling its new Tactical Nuclear Penguin, billed the strongest beer in the world, via its website. I must have been in a post-e-commerce haze, because something in my brain told me that I had to buy a bottle. At £35.00 or $56.67 per 12oz bottle, its no cheap beer. Despite my curiosity for Sam Adams Utopias, I've never been able to bite the bullet at ~$180/bottle. So this seemed to make sense to me.

Somehow, the shipping was only $11.33 from SCOTLAND. How does that make any sense? I placed the order pretty much thinking it was a mistake all around and mainly forgot about it. Then, the other day a package showed up at my apartment. I opened it up and this was the first thing I pulled out:

"Yeast Samples For Analysis"! Well, they're not lying! HAH! That's great stuff.

Is that a penguin I see? A Scottish penguin?

Why, yes! Yes it is! So there it is, in all its glory. Now the real question remains. WHEN DO I DRINK IT? I can't imagine aging it, I'm too curious/thirsty to do that. So perhaps a special occasion? Or on the other hand, just a random Friday night? What say you?


  1. holy penguin crap! this rocks!

    Just a suggestion, why not allow URL / Name in your "comment as" so its easier to comment on your posts?

    youll have to let us know how the TNP is - we are dying to find a bottle!

  2. Hey Tim! thanks for the comment. I didn't even realize I had that setting on. I think its fixed now! I will absolutely let everyone know how the Penguin is. Just gotta figure out when to drink it!

  3. sweet - much better now that I can comment without logging into google :) thanks