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January 20, 2010

21st Amendment Monk's Blood

21st Amendment Monk's Blood. Described as a Belgian Dark Strong Ale. In a can. IN A CAN! I love love love that canned beer is becoming "cool" for craft beer lovers. There are already SO many great canned craft beers. 21st Amendment has Monk's Blood and Brew Free or Die IPA, Oskar Blues has Dale's Pale Ale, Ten FIDY, Gordon and more...not to mention all of the wonderfulness that Surly Brewing Company cans (which I wish I could get my hands on more of).

While 21st Amendment didn't quite knock this out of the park, they certainly at least doubled. At 8.5% ABV, this does live up to the description of Strong Ale, but you'd never know it. Its sweet, its spicy and its pretty dangerously delicious. Its far too easy to throw back the entire 4 pack.

For my first Belgian in a can, its quite good. But, I feel it can be done better. I think I've just spoiled myself with other dark belgians like Brooklyn Local 2.


  1. hey beertographer: i'm also diggin' on the rising coolness of the can. i like what surly brewing up in minnesota does with their furious ipa ... in a can. great site. nice photos. i just started a beer blog, you should stop by sometime!

  2. Hey Taylor!

    Thanks for the comment. Just checked out your blog and I really dig it! Also started following you on twitter.

    Agreed about the Furious. I'm dying to trade for some Surly if you have access (!). I only got to try a few cans this past summer along with their Brown Ale.