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October 5, 2009

The Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse

Anyone know anything about this beer? It's the first time I've seen it and there doesn't seem to be any reviews on BeerAdvocate (except for this and this which are noted as special July 4th brews).

This beer has a WHOPPING 3.10% ABV and has some nice sour notes. Very sessionable.

Upon further searching, I found this review from yet still regarding the draught version:
From The Bruery - Brewed in memory of my Grandparents (Fred and Sarah Hottenroth), this tart German-style Berliner Weisse is as authentic as it gets. We used lactobacillus and a hint of brettanomyces to sour this very unusual, low gravity wheat beer. To cut the tartness for those with sweeter tastes, raspberry or woodruff syrup is a traditional way to sweeten the beer. Almost an extinct style, we hope to help revive the Berliner Weisse in memory of two great people.

The Bruery – Hottenroth Berliner Weisse – Poured from the growler (Filled at the Source) into a pint glass. Website specifies 3.1 % abv.

Appearance: Cloudy, dull pastel yellow. No head to be found, and just cloudiness in the body.

Aroma: Bretty funk (Brettanomyces).

Taste: Lemon, green apple, and sour funk.

Mouthfeel: Not super thin, a little bit puckering.

Overall: Super refreshing, super sessionable, and something I’d rather drink than lemonade or iced tea on a hot day.
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  1. I haven't seen it in stores, but I know they were using it to make mimosas (Hottenroth & OJ) at a brunch event during GABF.

  2. iiiiinteresting. Although I'm not one to often mix beer with anything else, I could see that being delicious.