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October 30, 2009

Beer Saturday Part III - Defiant Brewing Co.

Our next stop was Defiant Brewing Company in Pearl River, NY. This was a bit of a last minute addition after seeing that the reviews for Gaslight Brewery in South Orange, NJ weren't all that great. But we really lucked out with picking this place, because its awesome.

As you walk in there is a VERY long bar that stretches almost to the back of the area. What they've done here is create a shared space between the brewing facility and the imbibing area. Its pretty genius, as it makes you really feel like you're somewhere special as you're drinking the beer that's made a few feet away from where you're seated.

There are about 6-8 "bright tanks", which eliminates the need for kegging their own beer for consumption within the brewery. The beer travels from the fermenters which are located near the back of the brewhouse to the bright tanks which are located directly behind the bar. Need a growler filled? They'll take it and pull it right off the bottom of the bright tanks. Very cool.

They also have the tanks attached to taps that are all lead to this barrel-inspired design you see above. Oh, also worth noting is that ALL OF THE BEER WAS $3.25 for a pint! That is relatively unheard of and a very nice surprise. Especially since its high quality beer. Our favorites were The Horseman's Ale (a pumpkin ale), the O'Defiant Stout and their American Pale Ale, which didn't have a name.


Stay tuned for the finale, Part IV, where we hit Spuyten Duyvil's No Joke Oktoberfest.

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