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February 4, 2011

Samuel Smith's Organic Lager

Samuel Smith Old Brewery
Euro Pale Lager 5% ABV

Occasionally when I visit my parents in South Jersey, they like to surprise me by buying some beer to try "for that website of yours". Awesome. When it first started, it was a case of Michelob's faux-craft brands (which ended up taking a long time to plow through..not very good). Things have changed for the better though. Recently I've had Stone's Lukcy Basartd and Empirial IPA waiting for me. Then the other day I was surprised to find Sam Smith's Organic Lager. They picked it up because they're into the organic movement...and hey, organic + beer sounds perfect!

This pours suuuuper clear and smells of cloves with a hint of banana. Its got a super light mouthfeel and I detect either Saaz or Noble hops. Mmm. A slight metallic finish. Nice head on it that recedes but never entirely. This brew has a decent malty-ness to it despite its low ABV. Very refreshing and strikes me as what Bud/Miller/Coors light lagers should strive for. Plus, its organic so that's a plus. Here in NYC, you can find it at a lot of bodegas. Next time you see it, get a bottle and let me know what you think!

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