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February 7, 2011

Beertography of the Week

This week's User Beertography comes from ABROAD! Mr. Chris Halbach recently visited the Blue Tongue Brewery in the Hunter Valley wine region outside Sydney. Unfortunately, according to Chris, the photo was much better than the beer itself. Apparently Aussies have a thing for ciders at the moment and for the most part aren't about drinking craft beer. This actually lead me to check out reviews of Australian breweries on beeradvocate and I couldn't find all that much in the way of stellar. What are the great breweries and beers in Australia?

As always, keep those beer photos comin' to As a reminder, if you've already sent in your beertography, its still got a shot at making next week's post!

1 comment:

  1. There's no shortage of good beer and great brewers in Australia right now. Victoria leads the way with new breweries opening all the time. I subscribe to Beer Advocate, but much of our stellar stuff wouldn't make it onto Beer Advocate.

    Blue Tongue is not an Australian beer benchmark by any stretch. It is a wannabe macro.

    Murrays Craft Brewing Company, Bridge Road, Matilda Bay, 2 Brothers, Hawthorn, Holgate, True South - mate the list s endless. Subscribe to the Crafty Pint for updates on the burgeoning brewing scene in this country.

    Yep, cider's also gone mad, but craft beer is going greater guns.

    Check out We've coined the term beerporn and there's some great examples.