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February 2, 2011

A Few Select Shots from BrewYork 7

Recently, the epic BrewYork meetup raged on yet again and massive amounts of top-notch craft beer was consumed. In case you've forgotten, BrewYork is a collection of beer bloggers and industry pros in the NY/NJ area that seek to advance the gospel of craft beer.

Too much good beer to fit in one photo.

A little closer now.

Mr. Charles Decker showing off his Surly Smoke.

Matt & Bob opening a bottle. No big deal.

You can't have a BrewYork without one mishap. Even if it doesn't involve a slingshot.

Check out some of the other BrewYork'ers recaps:

David Flaherty of Grapes and Grains
Mike Kivowitz of New Jersey Craft Beer
Andy Zenyuch of River Crew Brewing Co.

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