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February 23, 2011

Bolero Snort Wee Heifer's Fruitcake

Bolero Snort
Wee Heifer's Fruitcake
Scottish Style Ale

Today we feature future professional brewer Robert Olson's Wee Heifer's Fruitcake beer. Bob is a homebrewer of the finest kind, poised to go pro with his many fantastic brews. You will be seeing his beers in stores sooner than later, methinks.

This beer you won't want to re-gift pours a dark brown with a nice, receding head. From the aroma you get a nice balance of malt and fruityness. I let it warm for a little while and there's almost a barleywine character going on. When you taste it, you get a complex mix of fruits, with the figs at the forefront, giving it a bit of a nutty flavor as well. As you continue sipping, you also detect the cherries and raisins. Turns out that what I thought was a barleywine character actually comes from the fact that this beer was bourbon barrel aged! Awesome. Keep up the great work Bob.

For more info about Bolero Snort, check out their website, facebook and twitter!

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