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December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Pairing Photos

First up! Allagash Grand Cru paired with Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Turnip, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Beans and Corn!

This was THE perfect pairing. The combination of the dryness of the turkey and the sweet malty goodness of Grand Cru.

Next up was dessert! Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout paired with Pumpkin and Apple Pie with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Here's where my pairings derailed. When I went to the beer store to pick up these pairing beers, I had just read about how great the Oak Aged Yeti was and I was excited to try it. Well, I would advise that anyone looking for pairings with dessert, to avoid oak-aged beers. The whiskey/oak aged flavors overwhelmed the sweetness of the pies. This would have been perfect without the whiskey and oak flavors. The mouthfeel was spot on.

A few nights later, two awesome things happened. First, I found 4 packs of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout for $5.79 each at The Cellar 32 in Brigantine, NJ. That is by far the cheapest I have ever seen it. I asked about cases but they didn't have any, so I just bought four 4 packs and went home very pleased. The second awesome thing was that my Mom surprised me with cake for my 28th birthday (12/1). Organic chocolate cake! First thought? Chocolate Cake + Chocolate Stout!

This was an excellent pairing. Although I couldn't help but still desire a glass of milk on the side in addition.

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