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November 24, 2009

Homebrew Update and Thanksgiving Pairings

Ten Dudes Kinda Hoppy IPA - brewed Nov. 2007

We realized the other day that we have a full 6 beers readying themselves in either bottles or in fermenters:

1. "#3" Barleywine - Brewed 9/23/09 - Final ABV ~ 9.8% (for our 3rd anniversary in homebrewing)
2. "Pipe Reinforcement" Brunch Stout - Brewed 10/13/09 - Final ABV ~ 3.5% (from an all grain breakfast stout kit)
3. Kölsch - Brewed 10/27/09 - (from an all grain Kölsch kit)
4. Smoke Ale - Brewed 11/10/09 - Exepected ABV 8.3%
5. "Dark Road" Imperial Stout - Brewed 11/14/09 - Expected ABV 14% (dark lord clone recipe)
6. Mild Ale - Second Runnings from Dark Road

We are playing to try an Oatmeal IPA recipe after the holiday.

Speaking of Holiday, here's what I'll be pairing Thanksgiving dinner with, thanks to Beer Advocate:

Dinner: Allagash Grand Cru - Strong Belgian-style Ales' "higher alcohol percentages cut through fats and starches, provide an edge of sweetness, and boast very diverse and complex flavors that lend themselves very well to this pairing."
Dessert: Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout - "Ensure that your beers are sweeter than your desserts. Rich and big Stouts are our favorites, and tend to work very well."
After Dinner/Digestive: Dogfish Head Raison D'Extra - "Time to kick back and let that food digest. No doubt you are bloated at this point, so the moment calls for something smooth and numbing."

I likely won't update again until Monday, so have a wonderful and hopefully beer-filled holiday weekend.


  1. Happy thanksgiving and enjoy the Yeti - that is one tasty beverage...

  2. Oatmeal IPA? Is that a real style?

  3. Thanks Tim! You too!

    Adam - never had one, but wanted to give it a shot. I'm not aware of any commercial examples, but here's one homebrew link: