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May 23, 2009

2008 Sly Fox Christmas May??

Yeah, so, back at the end of April I picked up a bottle of 2008 Sly Fox Christmas Ale that I discovered at a bodega in Greenpoint. You don't often find bottles like this at bodegas, so I figured I'd pick it up and either cellar it or drink it, and I debated it on the blog. Well, recently, I got thirsty and didn't have any other beers in the fridge (In fact all I have left are the few things I'm holding off on, like 3 12oz bottles of Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout) so I popped this open. It's definitely still good. It didn't seem that different at all from the last time I had it (um, Christmas), but I will say that it's a LITTLE strange to be drinking a spicy cinnamon beer in hot weather.

Overall though, I don't think this is a great beer to cellar. Maybe that should have been obvious, but I always get an urge to cellar something that has the year slapped on the bottle. But I suppose that's not the best thing to go by.


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  2. I think if you cellared this beer until XMAS time you would have been OK. the spices will have mellowed a little, but I don't think it would have been wrong. But I'm no expert.

  3. I'm no expert either, heh. Maybe if I see another bottle, I'll pick it up and try it in December! Thanks for the comment.