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May 5, 2009

The Pony Bar - Manhattan

Last night we took a post-work excursion to a brand new craft beer bar named The Pony Bar. An oasis in the subway-less wasteland that is the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. And WHAT an oasis! Every. single. beer. here. is. Five. Dollars. FIVE! DOLLARS! Granted, there are quite a few beers that are 8 oz. pours, but they seem to only be either the high ABV selections or the more rare kegs that they don't want to eliminate so quickly. While the selection was Sixpoint heavy on Monday evening (who's complaining?) because of the bus trip to Sixpoint/open bar they offered Sunday, they had a good range of other American micros as well. Great offerings from Chelsea Brewing Company, Avery and Ithaca among others.

It was hard to believe we were sitting in midtown Manhattan drinking quality American craft beers for FIVE DOLLARS A PIECE! Highly recommended.

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