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January 3, 2012

Happy New Year - Tapped Craft Beer Contest Roundup

Happy 2012! I hope everyone's holidays were excellent and beer-filled. In case you missed it, Charlie Scudder came home with the Whole Foods prize pack after a heated back-and-forth on Christmas Eve and a grand total of over 1000 votes! Congrats to Charlie. Also, Emily & Matt at Tapped Craft Beer Events have decided to award Brian Altschul, the VERY close runner-up with at $25 Whole Foods gift card. So awesome. Congrats to Brian as well, and thanks to everyone else who entered! Since we got quite a few awesome entries, I thought I'd post a few more today for all to see.

James Heavener

Richard Mitchell

Chet Desai

Kristen Trzeciakowski

Rodney McPhail

Thanks again to our partners Tapped Craft Beer Events and Whole Foods. Keep an eye out for more Beertography Contest in the future!

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  1. Awesome recap!

    For reference, here's the finalists and the various vote counts: