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May 13, 2011

A Few Brief NYC Notes

Nary a week goes by when there isn't some exciting beer news in NYC, but this was a particularly big one. Where to start?

Firstly, its already been said by great sites like Brew York, New York and BeerUnion, but if you're in the NYC area you should make your way to the Green Market at Union Square today (or any Friday). Mark VanGlad is the area's newest commercial microbrewer, and as Chris O'Leary of BYNY points out, its a significant event in the sense that he's able to bypass the three-tier system and sell his beers directly to the public. Its also great to see craft beer moving further in the direction of the locally sourced and sustainable, as VanGlad grows much of his own ingredients. Stop by any Friday 8am-5pm.

Photo courtesy Sixpoint's Facebook

Next up, some very exciting news from Sixpoint Craft Ales: Starting "soon", you'll be able to buy their beers in CANS! Yes, the craft can revolution continues. Speaking of which, Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale has hit the city in can form as well. A few 12 packs were spotted this week at Brooklyn Beer & Soda, so keep an eye out.

Finally today, some very exciting news from Rattle'n'Hum, the craft beer bar in Midtown. Rattle'n'Hum tweeted yesterday that a second location would be opening in Manhattan by September. No other info has been released, but let the guessing game begin!


  1. I can't wait to have Sixpoint on hand more often in the fridge. Any speculations on where the new Rattle N' Hum will be?

  2. Not that I've heard yet. Thinking of neighborhoods in Manhattan, I can't think of which would make the most sense. Financial District? UES or UWS?