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May 23, 2011

Beertography of the Week - May 17th

This week's selection process for the Beertography of the Week was the toughest yet. The competition was stiff and the photos were fantastic and unique. In the end, Rick Hansen of Extended Pints is this week's winner with his photo of Lagunitas Censored, an American Amber/Red Ale. Here's what Rick had to say about the shot:

I really like to try to add to the picture and make it something more then just the beer and a glass and the first thing that came to mind with the name censored was risque or taboo so I went looking around the house.  Thankfully my wife was okay with the idea of putting her bra up on the internet and even helped me set the shot up.  We took about 20 shots before pouring the beer because you really only get what 30 seconds to a minute without the head losing it's luster? So we found the shot we liked and then quickly set it back up after the pour. All the work before hand paid off, even though we took 7 total shots, it was the first one that ultimately came out the best.

Cheers and thanks Rick! There were definitely some other great contenders submitted this past week, so if yours was not selected, fear not. I'll keep the pool I have and add them to the new ones that get submitted this week. So as a reminder, either email your photos to or if you're out drinking somewhere, just tag your tweet with #beertography and I'll make sure to take note.


  1. Thanks for choosing this pic. The beer is not bad either ;)

  2. thanks for submitting! I actually bought a bottle of it last night thanks to your submission - real good.