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April 20, 2011

Beertography of the Week - April 20th

This weeks' #beertography comes to us from Jim Frasch (@JFrasch) and features the elusive and highly-regarded 2011 Founders KBS (or Kentucky Breakfast Stout). This stout is brewed with a hint of coffee and vanilla then aged in oak bourbon barrels for over a year. At 11.2%, this is a slow-sipper. But you'll want to take your time anyways as even if you've been able to find it, because its just that good.

Here's Jim's report:
I took a chance and stopped at Bottle King in Glen Ridge, NJ. Asked one of the employees he had no idea what I was talking about. He disappeared into the back room, and emerged 5 minutes later w/ 1 bottle, wouldn't let me have more than that. I joked with the cashier about buying insurance for it, and she said "oh, so this the special one they just told us about".
I've heard a lot of similar stories of KBS findings in NYC and NJ. Most places knew what they had and enforced a 1 bottle per person limit, while a few others did not and let people walk out with an entire case. Chances are 99% of the bottles that made it to our area are gone by now, but there are probably still kegs around. Just this past week, The Iron Monkey in Jersey City tapped 2 kegs of KBS.

If you haven't had this beer yet, definitely keep an eye out.

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