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April 21, 2011

Barcade Jersey City Grand Pre-Opening Party

Barcade Jersey City may be opening officially to the public on Friday, but we were lucky enough to be invited to attend Grand Pre-Opening to give the new place a test-run. Here is some pre-beertography for you all to enjoy. Be sure to go check Barcade out for yourselves this weekend. I know I'll be back sooner than later.

If you're familiar with the Brooklyn location, you practically already know the JC location. The design is much the same, and why shouldn't it be? If it ain't broke..

Beer highlights included Firestone Walker Reserve Porter, Flying Fish Exit 9, Climax 13th Anniversary Barleywine, Weyerbacher IPA Project and many, many more...

Nice sized crowd and a lot of familiar faces from the Brooklyn digs. Not to mention the NJ beer crowd. Worlds collide.

That's a table game of Pong in the foreground. Its not working right now, but hopefully will be soon.

The awesomely open front of the bar. A lot of the windows open as well. Should make for excellent Summer evening drinking.

Barcade JC has food! Here's the little portal to the kitchen area. The chefs last night were preparing small bread, cheese and pickle plates along with some deviled eggs and other small bites. No word on whether or not they'd be actual menu items or not.

L to R: Yards "Love" Nitro Stout, Allagash Victoria


  1. Love the photos, guys! Fun hanging out with you last night, too.

  2. Thanks! yeah it was a blast. I'm sure we'll see you there again soon!