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July 14, 2010

Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale

"Quando para mucho mi amore de felice corazón"

Well its been up to 100 degrees here in the last few weeks. And sometimes in this type of heat you don't necessarily want to reach for something massively complex. Something light and refreshing perhaps? Unfortunately, the concept of "light" beer has been spoiled by a few certain large corporations (I mean come on, they're corporations first and breweries second...or maybe third) . Thankfully, there are some breweries out there that recognize that you can brew a crisp, thirst-quenching beer without compromising flavor or involving cheap ingredients like rice or corn.

One such brewery is Sun King in Indianapolis, IN. Their Sunlight Cream Ale is one of the most refreshing of the lighter-side of craft beers I've had in awhile. Upon cracking and pouring, this beer's head dissipates rather quickly revealing an incredibly clear amber awaiting your first sip. Not yet! First smell the thing. If you do you'll note a sweet, fruity almost cidery aroma. The taste is similar; first thing that hits you is the honey/fruity sweetness. Its not overbearing, though, as it leads to a slight hop presence followed by a hint of creaminess on the back end. I hesitate to use the cliché of post-lawn mowing beer, but man...this is just an excellent beer to drink after.... weed-whacking.

Also, congrats to Sun King on winning a Silver Medal at the World Beer Cup for this brew!

Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale
Indianapolis, IN
1 Pint (can)

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