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March 7, 2012

Beer It Forward Update - Target #2 Lands

Hey folks, I just wanted to update those of you following the Beer It Forward fun. The second package has landed in Springfield, MO. Robert's package to Billy was a helluva bunch of beer!

Next up Billy is going to pick someone else from our participant list to send to, and then they will do the same and so on. Remember, you don't want to let your target know that they're next, we want it to be a surprise!

Here's what Robert sent to Billy:

1 Westbrook pint glass, 1 Coast pint glass
1 x 12oz. Westbrook IPA
1 x 12oz. Westbrook White Thai
1 x 12oz. Terrapin Wake-n-Bake Imperial Stout
1 x 12oz. Terrapin Moo Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout
1 x 12oz. Terrapin Hopsecutioner
1 x 12oz. Sweet Water IPA
1 x 12oz. Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale
1 x 12oz. Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout
1 x 22oz. Coast Export Scotch Ale
1 x 22oz. Coast Blackbeerd Imp Stout
1 x 22oz. Sweetwater 15 Year Anniversary
1 x 22oz. Coast Hop Art IPA
1 x 22oz. Westbrook Mexican Cake Imperial Stout

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