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December 19, 2011

Top Ten Selected, it's Time to Vote! - Holiday Beertography Contest

Our good friends over at Tapped Craft Beer Events have selected their top 10 photos of the many submissions. Head on over to their Facebook page now to view and vote. Voting is easy, just click Like on the photo of your choice. The winner will received a $100 Whole Foods gift card, Whole Foods On Tap t-shirt and koozie!

Top Ten Entrants (in alphabetical order):

  • G-LO, aka BoozeDancing
  • Brian Altschul
  • Charles Scudder
  • Chet Desai
  • Edgar Cruz, CraftBrewsCT
  • Jeff Quinn
  • Jessica Oh
  • Stephen Lyford
  • Stephen V.
  • Tom Bricker

You can like as many photos in the album as you want. The winner will be the photo with the most likes at 11:59pm on Saturday, December 24th. GO VOTE NOW!

Thanks again to our awesome sponsor, Whole Foods On Tap located in the Columbus Circle Whole Foods. Yes, it's a bar inside a Whole Foods and yes it's all craft beer. It's amazing. Also thanks to Tapped Craft Beer Events' Emily and Matt for being awesome partners in this fun endeavor!

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