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May 6, 2010

Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Back in January I purchased what was then the world's strongest beer, Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The question I was left with when it arrived was when in the hell to open a ~$60 12oz beer. Some time passed and TNP fell to the world's third strongest beer. Fast forward to April when the girlfriend and I had a housewarming for our new apartment in Jersey City. I figured this was as good as an occasion as any to pop this 32 percenter.

I ended up splitting it with my two homebrewing buddies Jeff and Tim. This was definitely a good idea because surprise surprise, this baby packs a punch. As you can see there was little to no head when we poured it, but it did have a nice dark brownish-red appearance to it. The aroma hits you hard with a scotch whiskey smokiness that is pretty inviting.

The most interesting thing about this beer (if you can really even call it that) is that its surprisingly drinkable. For its off-the-wall ABV, its really a good sipper. Is it worth the exorbitant price tag? For a one time thing, I'd say yes. Would I spend that much on it again? Probably not, but mainly because you can get a great amount of other craft beer in a much larger quantity for the cost.

smells like $60!


  1. Since you split the beer 3 ways, was 4 ounces enough to feel buzzed? Would I have been allowed to sip the beer if I attended the house warming party?

  2. Yes and of course! We shared it with whoever was there that wanted to give it a try. So really we felt the buzz off of even less than 4oz each.