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September 14, 2009

Wedding & Homebrew: Perfect Together.

This weekend in Roxbury, NY we celebrated the wedding of Tim (our co-brewer) and his now-wife Heather. A few months ago we began brewing two beers specifically for this event. So Saturday night, many people got to sample the fruits of our labor for the first time. The reaction was mostly positive, as we had provided both a Belgian Style Dubbel and a Witbier. We also procured our very first dollar towards opening our brewpub:

Noticeably absent is Tim, who was off being a groom, but he was there in spirit. At one point, Jeff and I ended up behind the bar serving beer. I must admit, it felt very right to be standing behind a table serving beer we made to people. I could really get used to doing that.

In addition to our homebrew, Tim & Heather also provided Brooklyn Lager and Ithaca Nut Brown the night before the wedding:

And other craft selections such as Brooklyn Pennant Ale and Weyerbacher Old Heathen Imperial Stout during the wedding. I spent most of my time drinking our homebrew, so I couldn't quite partake in the other selections. And it felt good to hear a few other people say the same, that they didn't even get a chance to try the other beers because they were drinking our homebrew all night.

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