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September 16, 2009

Ithaca Beer Company

The Ithaca Beer Company in Ithaca, NY. Small, but excellent beers. Funny thing, I spent four years at Ithaca College, and a few weeks ago was the first time I'd visited the brewery. Guess that speaks to my beer renaissance not occurring until after college. Oh well. Ithaca Brewing offers free samples and free tours.

Another great thing about visiting the brewery is that they have a bunch of homebrew supplies for sale right there. This should be done at more breweries and if we ever open a brewpub, we'd love to be able to sell homebrew supplies as well.

On our tour we got to see the relatively small operation. True fact - Only 7 people are actually involved in every single bottle of Ithaca Beer that is out there. And 2 of those are the brewers!

This is their two-row silo. That's a lot of malt!


  1. There are a few brewpubs out here in Colorado that have homebrew supply stores attached. I'm surprised it's not more common as it seems like an obvious fit.

  2. yeah i agree. maybe some breweries are scared that their customers are gonna learn to make better beer than they make.