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March 24, 2011

If You Ever Think You Might Need a Blowoff Tube...You Need a Blowoff Tube.

The subject says it all for homebrewers. And if you're a homebrewer, you've probably already realized this. Not sure what I was thinking brewing a huge imperial stout and thinking a mere airlock would suffice. The photo above was taken during the emergency rescue and re-sanitizing of the bucket lid.

I keep all of my homebrewing stuff in a closet in my apartment, so at least the explosion of beer was isolated to that. But the walls did not take kindly to the extremely dark substance spraying all over them...not to mention the ceiling.

The boom was so loud it sounded like someone had dropped a ton of bricks in my closet. I'm holding out hope that during this the beer didn't get infected. But considering the total time the lid was off the bucket was only about 5 minutes, I think I MAY be okay.

I've decided to call the beer "Old Lidblower Imperial Stout".

1 comment:

  1. Given the amount of CO2 being produced to create that spray of gunk, I doubt very much you will have an infection.