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December 15, 2011

Holiday Beertography Contest Update - Win a $100 Whole Foods Gift Card

Do you want to win a $100 Whole Foods gift card, t-shirt and koozie? The answer is yes, yes you do. We've teamed up with Tapped Craft Beer Events and Whole Foods On Tap Columbus Circle for the next official Beertography Contest! If you've been following our Beertography of the Day series, then you already have an idea of what we're looking for. The only difference here is that all of the entries must be holiday-themed in order to be eligible to win.

First, a little about our partners in this endeavor! Founded by Emily & Matt Garland, Tapped Craft Beer Events is the first and only firm in New York City devoted primarily to craft beer tastings for corporate and private events. Which means they're just what your dull, ho-hum Holiday office party needs.

Our insanely generous sponsor, Whole Foods On Tap is located within the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Yes, it is a full bar with amazing eats WITHIN a Whole Foods. If you're from the area you have to go check it out. Thank you very much WF On Tap for donating the awesome prizes!

Alright, so how does this work? Well, let me tell you. Emily & Matt will select their top ten favorite entries, post them to their Facebook page and the public will decide the winner via the Like button. The photo that gets the most Likes on Facebook will receive the $100 Whole Foods gift card (and t-shirt & koozie) that they can use at any Whole Foods location in the U.S., including the new Whole Foods On Tap in-house bar at the NYC Columbus Circle location (which we highly recommend)!

We will accept entries for this contest starting RIGHT NOW until THIS Sunday December 18th at 11:59pm EST.

Photo Courtesy of Brew York, New York

So what are you waiting for? Get those cameras out and take some beertography!


1. All submissions must be emailed to with the subject line Beertography Contest before 11:59pm on Sunday December 18th.
2. All photo submissions must somehow feature a holiday theme (or a holiday seasonal beer) in order to be considered. We're looking for a combination of most creative along with best photography here.
3. Winner will be determined by Likes on Tapped Craft Beer's Facebook Page.

Any questions? Feel free to email or comment below. Good luck!


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